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The 432 Hz Energy Disk magical ability to restructure water CONFIRMED!

Water Treatment by Michael Lee Hill’s 432 Hz Energy Disk:

Effects on Water Observed Using High Voltage Electrophotography

November 2018


This is an exploratory pilot study to test three types of drinking water treated by the 432 Hz disk:

Municipal tap water in Emeryville, California, and two commercially available bottled drinking waters. The purpose was to test whether the technology in the disk may structure water as seen by changes in the light pattern emitted from the waters as induced by high voltage electrophotography.

Materials and Methods

Two types of commercially available bottled drinking waters were utilized: Evian® Natural Spring Water (Danone Corporation, Paris, France), and Flow® Water (Flow Beverages, Inc.,Ontario, Canada), as well as municipal tap water in Emeryville, California.

The disk was placed under glass beakers containing 40 ml of each type of water for 15 to 50 minutes and then tested compared to control (untreated) water of the same type.

The GDV (gas discharge visualization) Camera Pro, a type of digital high-voltage electrophotography, with analytical software was employed. This device is widely known and used in research to explore the energetic properties of the human biofield, structured waters, and other materials.

The hanging drop method was employed. A single drop of each water sample was suspended from a 1 ml syringe directly above the electrified glass plate of the camera. Each sample was exposed for 1 second duration to a sequence of high frequency, high voltage electrical impulses to excite it to emit light in the form of a corona discharge. Digital photographs of the corona discharge were captured on a computer. Camera voltage was maintained at 15 kV with a frequency of 1000 Hz. The light pattern, an induced corona discharge, which was emitted from each electrified water droplet was registered by a charge-coupled detector (CCD) of the GDV camera. The digital photograph of each light pattern was analyzed using image processing and parametric analysis. Six images were made for each sample droplet at each time point.

The photographs were analyzed for area (numbers of pixels of illumination), intensity (brightness of light), fractality (related to numbers of discrete sparks of light), and entropy (relative disorder).

Values of these variables were compared for treated vs. untreated waters (controls) in controlled experiments. T-tests were used to compare the average parametric values.


Municipal tap water 

a. Municipal tap water in Emeryville, California Control 


b. Municipal tap water in Emeryville, California Control after being placed on top of a 432 Hz Energy Disk  


 Canadian Spring Water 

a.. Flow® Canadian Spring Water (Flow Beverages, Inc.,Ontario, Canada) Control


b. Flow® Canadian Spring Water (Flow Beverages, Inc.,Ontario, Canada) after being placed on top of a 432 Hz Energy Disk 


 Evian® Natural Spring Water 

a. Evian® Natural Spring Water Control (untreated) 

b.. Evian® Natural Spring Water after being placed on top of a 432 Hz Energy Disk 


The intensity of the light pattern was the parameter most influenced by disk treatment of all 3 waters. Intensity of the light increased significantly for 2 of the 3 waters and showed a trend of increasing for the 3rd water. The area of the light pattern tended to decrease upon disk treatment, which was significantly reduced for the two bottled waters. Fractality and entropy of the light patterns were unaffected by disk treatment.

The observed decrease in the area of the light pattern along with an increase in light intensity suggests that the light pattern becomes narrower and more focused upon disk treatment. This has never before been observed in water studies on other imprinted products designed to structure water. Such products typically increase both the area and intensity of the light pattern.

It is unknown to us what materials the disk is constructed from, or how the disk was imprinted. Therefore, we cannot speculate on the results obtained.

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